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What people are saying about “Designing for Print, the Art & Science”

“Great information and I love the tone. It’s like talking to a friend instead of reading an instruction manual.”    –Ashley Maydak, Brand Marketing Manager, Customer & Brand Marketing, Domtar

“I needed a better book to use to teach production. The best thing about the book is its fantastic grasp of the material. There’s no better book on graphic design print production out there.”    –Patrick Foster, Professor of Graphic Design, Vancouver Island University

“Completely floored by your book!  It’s like finding a unicorn!  There hasn’t been anything new and exciting published for designers, or for our industry, in more than a decade.  This is such an incredible resource – 208 pages of print and design reality.  I’m placing orders today!”     –Cindy Woods, Editor, CMO, and Print Industry Professional

“All the actual print techniques in the book (especially the white ink on black paper) really great to help clients understand. Perfect print bible for me as I am only three years into working in the print production arena and I cannot compete with the people who have been around for decades. But this book certainly gives me a step up. I’m hoping to be part of the new generation of print producers.”    –Anonymous

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“This book has a ton of useful information, all packed in an easy-to-read, well-designed format that gets right to the point with no fluff. It’s an amazing resource that will become heavily dog-eared and bookmarked.”    –Richard Van Le, Graphic Designer

“What a delightful and ambitious work. Handsome design, excellent use of color, illustrations and photography. I use the word ‘ambitious’ respectfully in that we both know this is an enormous topic, to begin with, and taking someone’s hand and leading them down a circuitous route is daunting. One has to start by taking in a really deep breath and preparing the reader for an adventure- which this book truly is. Congratulations on an excellent product that must have taken years of experience, blood, sweat & tears, and a true love and dedication to the graphic arts to bring to fruition.”   –Daniel Dejan, ETC Print/Creative Manager, Sappi North America

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“I was a Kickstarter supporter and received your book. It’s so beautiful! I love it. … It really is great. We had nothing like this in school and I have always felt ill-prepared for dealing with printers. I think this will be a wonderful resource.”     –Megan Vaughan

I’m really enjoying and learning from “Designing for Print”.  This is an essential resource for today’s and tomorrow’s print and marketing professionals.     –Paul Bobnak, Direct Mail Consultant

I am thrilled with this book. It’s gorgeous! So much useful information, and the digital foil inside — wow! Nice touch. I haven’t had a chance to fully dive in yet, but I’m looking forward to reading it from cover to cover. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and expertise to the entire design community. Great job!    –Kim Senn

“For those of you who are just getting your feet wet in print design, the book will be a tremendous resource.”… I think we will see this book become a go-to educational resource for the industry”   –Anonymous

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“I love your book… The book is written with simple language even has a lot of specific printing terminology. Great structure of the book, easy to navigate and find what you need.”    –Lioudmila Grigorieva, graphic designer

“I needed a better understanding of how print work translates from digital assets…
A broader understanding of the print world, so that I can better empathize with the marketing designers that I help oversee. The best thing about the book is the thoroughness of the content. I had a particular background that I worried would make some parts of the book redundant and others impenetrable, but in the end it hit me squarely where I needed to learn.”    –Tim Chisholm, Creative Design Lead, Resolver Inc.

“…A better understanding of all the prep to do before starting a print project…
A better understanding on how to design specifically for print. The best thing about the book is the accumulative knowledge all in one place.”    –Nancy Ruzow, Design Director

“I needed answers for printing cause school didn’t teach me jack shit. Thank you for making it, I’m taking my thesis this year and I’ve probably saved a bunch cause of you.”    –Ayla F Graphic Designer (student currently. Not by spring tho!)

“I needed modern/current/printing tips – especially digital comparisons… A reference book I could trust – with insights that were tested over time through real-life experiences.”    –Kelly Orlowski

Designing for Print is a book by author, designer and educator Marina Poropat Joyce that really is “the epitome of print education.” Marina’s book covers all aspects of what a graphic designer needs to know when creating a print project. As I page through it, I am amazed to see all of the information, terminology and tips that I had learned (sometimes the hard way) from two decades of creating design for print. The book is thoughtful and thorough and an excellent resource for anyone about to set foot into the world of print on paper. And for experienced (ie older!) designers like me, it’s a great refresher. It’s also a useful reference, with standard paper and envelope sizes, paper weight equivalency charts and generalized print method cost comparisons. Designing for Print is the manual I wish I had way back when. Congratulations, Marina, for creating something so vital for new generations of print enthusiasts!    –Janine Vangool, publisher, editor and designer, UPPERCASE Magazine

“Short of going to a printing facility and getting a tutorial directly from the staff there, this book is the best way I’ve seen to learn the basics of print”    –Kyle G, Director of Supply Chain

I purchased the book for myself, brought it to work and then the Directors decided it was so perfect that we purchased one for the studio and one of the Directors purchased a copy for his daughter as a gift. The book gave us hours of enjoyment and excitement in the office. We often joked that is was like the book version of our seriously knowledgeable Studio manager who has worked in print for over 30 years. ”  –Nicola Catalano, Print Production Coordinator

“A quick reference “OMG, this has EVERYTHING” guide. And I got it!
The best thing about the book is the simple to understand language and the examples/charts.”    –Julie – Print Production Manager of 13 years

“I was solely a digital designer. The entire book is literally the guide everyone should have to become familiar with terms and processes, to decide how much I can do myself, how much I would have to hire out, and what working with print specific companies will look like. The entire book is what peeps should learn to work in print design.”    –Darian Rosebrook, Agency Owner

“I needed a reference/resource for our creative department’s print internship
and I wanted something that would help teach designers in a sequence that would make sense, and something they could look back on for a refresher.
The best thing about the book is I have what I needed/wanted!”    –Kim Dixson, Senior Art Director

“…I also needed to be able to teach our development team, product managers, and new customer-facing hires. The best thing about the book is [the} degree of completeness–the advice on what to do in each situation is so incredibly hard to find online in blog posts. The book has been an invaluable resource for our Customer Support team.”    –-McKayl Bergman, Head of Customer Success, Lucidpress

“As a design, print production professional and College level instructor on print and print for designers, your book is a much-needed tool that transports legacy print into the new world of print, which I call mutant print!”    –Thaddeus B. Kubis, Print Advocate, Designer, Professor

“Easy to read, easy to understand. Deals with the real issues of print and how to prepare files for print, paper selections, finishing techniques. You’ve covered so much and I wish every client had a copy! “Love the book and donated one to an educational client whose students produce a publication each year…new students each year. This book will help them as they design and hopefully help them not duplicate the same pitfalls each year.”    –-Anonymous
I needed a great book that inspires and can teach my students about the complexities of printing. Also a book to use as a reference to look up information about printing for someone who rarely does print jobs any longer. An in-depth book about production as it relates to printing which this book honestly goes above and beyond in providing. The depth of its coverage and valuable information. I especially love the charts showcasing the cost-effectiveness of the various kinds of printing…genius! Thank you for taking the time energy and resources to build this book and to create this resource for our community.”     –Sean Bacon, professor of graphic design at San Diego City College.

“I wanted a reference I could share with my coworkers and students [and] It’s a thorough resource for those working in print and it’s just plain fun to flip through.”    –Olivia M. Croom, Production Coordinator, Alfred A. Knopf

Nowadays, there are so many methods of print in use; offset, letterpress, digital printing, silk-screening, engraving and more. To know the limitations and advantages of each method can be confusing, and not knowing can be costly for designers and their clients. Designing For Print contains all the know-how graphic designers need to work with printers and achieve amazing results.

Designing For Print is perfect for working pros, students, and digital designers who need to design and print successful projects.

Price discounts are available to instructors wishing to adopt the book for classroom use and for businesses who wish to create a special edition as a customer promotion or gift.

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