Clean Files – The Good, the Bad and the Fugly – Part 2

I had a WordPress glitch and accidentally posted this draft of a post, sorry about that! If you want the real post you can find it here it covers: Bleeds Process Colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) Rich Black Specifying process colors Applying cmyk Color to Type Choosing a Color Library Specifying Pantone Solid Color…

Managing Image Color and Quality – Part two of two
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Managing Image Color and Quality – Part two of two

The second part of this post on managing image color and quality focuses on the variables that are out of your control… and lucky you – under your printer’s control. I’ve tried to not get overly detailed about this technical stuff. There’s a line that we designers do not need to cross in our understanding…

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Managing Image Color and Quality – Part one of two

One of the things designers worry about the most is being disappointed with how a print project turns out. Seeing their project print in the “wrong” colors or not as sharp as it looked on the screen are common issues but there are also others. Many of these issues are surprisingly easy to manage. The…