I had the best time being interviewed by Maria Bougioukos and Zachary R. Hill for their podcast Creative Honey! From their website:

“Both have a passion for design, art, and sharing the stories and the results of the creative endeavors that so many of us put forth into the world on a daily basis.”

I love talking about print, maybe too much! But when I am with designers I can’t help it. Your enthusiasm and passion for your craft and the tech part and the art part and the science part just gets me so excited! I swear, I am the most enthusiastic person on the planet when it comes to graphic design and print… and Maria and Zachary are the funnest to talk to. Their passion really comes through in the quality of their interviews and podcast. Check it out at the link below and definitely leave a comment! I want to know if you learned something that you didn’t know by listening to the podcast and if you have a story to share, please share!




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